Secrets!   I have so many of them.  I love Post Secret. I bought two of the books a few years ago and have been obsessed ever since. So naturally, I was excited to hear about this project. It’s fun telling strangers things you’re dying to get out. No judgment, no worries. Such a brilliant project Frank Warren has gotten himself into.


So here’s my secret:

My first job was working box office at a movie theater. On slow days, when we didn’t have an usher, I would be responsible for not only selling the tickets, but tearing them in half as well. There came a time in my days as a box office attendant that I wasn’t okay with the measly $5.15 an hour that I was getting paid. So on these slow days, I would tear a ticket in half, sell both halves, report it as one sold ticket, and pocket the rest. I never got caught. I never told a soul. The theater ended up shutting down.


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